Daniel Nadler

En route to serve a tour of duty in Japan as an officer in the US Air Force, Nadler traded his standard equipment for a Hasselblad camera.  Thus began a life-long dedication to travel and photography.   Recalling these photographic expeditions, Nadler commented: “I found myself lying on my belly in the middle of Shinto purification rites, or standing on a pediment to photograph a procession, feeling compelled to capture the essence of what I was seeing.”

Nadler’s photographic style is colorful and direct.  In portraits, he captures the contentment and pride on the faces of his subjects, regardless of their origin, age or gender.  “These men, women and children from all walks of life have the self-confidence to look in the eyes of a stranger with an odd hat and two cameras strapped across his chest, and smile,” he said.  The governing thread that runs through these portraits is a “joie de vivre.”

Born in Egypt of European parents, Daniel Nadler, as a boy, immigrated to New York with his parents.  After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in civil engineering, he managed construction projects all over the world.   While in Iran, directing a project of 60 high-rise buildings, he resolved to dedicate one day a week to photography.  During this time in Tehran, he met his wife Serga, who shares his passions for travel, photography and beauty.

Daniel Nadler is a published author whose books include the following publications:

Silver: From Fetish to Fashion, a 416 page book on the Nadlers’ silver jewelry collection, part of which is exhibited at MAD, The Museum of Art and Design on Columbus Circle in New York through August, 2010.

Iran the Beautiful, a coffee-table book with 170 photographs on 220 pages.

China to Order, an illustrated study on the Nadler collection of Chinese polychrome porcelain produced for export to the West, during the Qing dynasty.

Arathusa, a photographic safari on  a reserve in South Africa, adjacent to Kruger Park.

Daniel Nadler has lectured widely and his photographs have been exhibited at numerous prestigious venues including:

  • The Winterthur Museum, Delaware
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA
  • The National Press Club, Washington, DC
  • The National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, New York, NY
  • The Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
  • The Rhode Island School of Design. Providence, RI
  • The San Antonio Museum of Arts, San Antonio, TX

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